Yourdoctoronline was created and founded by Jag and Simon Gilchrist with lots of help from others. Jag is a GP working in London and found it frustrating that there was such difficulty in getting patients seen quickly and with high quality care. She has a real passion for providing up to date medical care for young and old and wanted to develop a service that offered fast effective access for all. Simon is a sports physiotherapist who works privately in London and was often left frustrated how difficult it was to get patients referred on to specialists or given appropriate medication and thus as a team was born yourdoctoronline.

Yourdoctoronline has set out to create a personal service and bring GP and other medical consultations via video consultation to you. You can now access a GP appointment from the comfort of your home or office.

We want to give you the experience of seeing a GP who cares and values the experience they offer you. We want yourdoctoronline to become your own personal medical service just as your local family doctor used to be.

It will be easy to establish relationships with doctors and request to see the same GP, in fact we encourage it so over time you develop a rapport with the GP much like you would have done 15 years ago. Jag has worked in family practices and found it difficult to give the time and high quality practice so wanted to develop an all encompassing family online clinic

It is imperative that we create a high quality health clinic that is regulated by the Care Quality Commission. This ensures we consistently hit the standards of care that the public expect. However, we go above and beyond this as we do all our own quality checks in house on our medical team. All our doctors are GMC registered and have to undergo regular quality checks. We have a rating system whereby after each consultation the patient is asked to rate the doctor on a scale of 1-5. This allows us to track the performance of our medical team directly from the patients. We then have thorough internal reviews where we review at random one in ten consultations to assess the performance of our doctors. This is done to ensure a high quality of care and should our doctors performance fall below our expected standard remedial action will be taken. All our medical team are experienced practitioners and will continue to maintain their continuing education program to demonstrate further learning.